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Tech20: Creating a hydrogen highway from Scotland to Europe

February 23rd 2023 08:30

What is Tech20?

Tech20 features world-leading experts, exploring the latest tech trends, asking big questions and sharing big ideas. Tech20 is a social showcase for speakers presenting technology focused topics, using a unique format: 20-minute networking, 20-minute presentation, and 20-minute Q&A.

Tech20s aim to inspire & innovate, discover new or surprising technologies, challenge technologies and release the spark within!

The production and use of hydrogen will play a key role in the UK reaching its climate objectives and net zero.

The Hydrogen Backbone Link project will position Scotland in a leading role in developing pan-European hydrogen infrastructure, creating export capabilities by repurposing and optimising existing pipeline infrastructure both on and offshore as well as developing complimentary options such as marine transport by ship.

In this Tech20, Hayleigh Barnett, Hydrogen Theme Lead at the Net Zero Technology Centre, will:

  • Provide an overview of the Hydrogen Backbone Link project to date
  • Explain challenges and strengths in creating change that makes a real difference to the climate crisis
  • Highlight future ambitions to create real change in the UK and Europe.

Net Zero Technology Centre, 20 Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4ZT

Hayleigh’s Bio:

With a background in Process Engineering, Hayleigh has over 10 years’ experience working in the energy sector covering both oil & gas and hydrogen.

She is passionate about the energy transition and her role as Theme Lead for Hydrogen allows her to deliver on and oversee the strategic direction of NZTC’s hydrogen roadmap.

Projects within her portfolio include several technology development opportunities as well as national strategically important projects such as the Hydrogen Backbone Link. Hayleigh firmly believes that Scotland and the rest of the UK has the skills, experience and infrastructure required to deliver a sustainable and just energy transition, which will be pivotal in meeting net zero targets.

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